Software Product Designer (UK or Remote EU) at V7

  • Anywhere (100% Remote) Only
  • V7
Job Description:

Here's some examples of the features you will design:

  • A dynamic visual workflow to stream data in between tasks.
  • A tool to deploy snippets of code into an image in order to transform its - annotations.
  • A tool to automatically detect objects and classify them.
  • A system to re-shape the front-end of our workview to assist with domain specific tasks, such as viewing medical images or paper documents.
  • Windows to import and export data that assists the user with format incompatibilities, progress, and conflicts that may emerge.


  • Previous experience in designing highly interactive software
  • Previous experience owning or partly owning the feature roadmap of a product in a tech startup
  • Experience with the state of the art in UI design and interaction design
  • An understanding of web front-end development and its limitations
  • A strong portfolio of UX design projects or product design
  • A curious, scientific mind
  • Fluency in English

Company Benefits

  • Unlimited vacation, just tell us when you need time off.
  • Paid tickets, accommodation, and travel to relevant conferences, nationally or - internationally (NeurIPS, ICCV, CVPR, [...]) to expand your network & knowledge during normal times.
  • Yearly 4-day company retreats in stunning locations
  • Central office in London with standing desks & 4K monitors.
  • Unlimited high-quality coffee, tea, snacks, and other comforts every day.
  • Ability to work remotely
  • Stock options

Interview Process

  • Culture/behaviour screen
  • A short take home task
  • Interactive session prompted by your task with a PM and the cofounder(s)

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