Lead Frontend Developer

  • Anywhere (100% Remote) Only
  • Conduktor Inc
Job Description:

We are looking to build a new front-end development team and you will be the leader! You will help us working on:

  1. our customer portal (for our customers and our operational & sales teams)
  2. our next mind-blowing projects related to our core domain: Apache Kafka and data streaming. To be successful in this role you must have proven leadership role (!!), front-end development skills (many years), enjoy developing nice UIs, think about the details and the user flow (UX).

You should code using TypeScript and strong typing, have good experience with React (and a bit of Vue), and OpenAPI/REST APIs/GraphQL to fetch data from our APIs (Java/Scala). You must used to work with backend teams for synchronization (not in nodejs).

We are all full-remote with flexible hours. You will report directly to the CTO.

What will you be doing?

• Lead the front-ends efforts, be responsible, make & explain your choices to the CTO and your future team members • Continue developing our customer portal website, refactoring it as you want, making the choices you think are good • Bootstrap our new projects (using React) • Wrap one application into a desktop application using Electron • Design yourself good-looking screens. UI & UX matters A LOT at Conduktor's. • You must be able to criticize and adapt the UI/UX according to your knowledge and experience. • Work with our backend teams (Java/Scala backends) using OpenAPI specifications, GraphQL etc. • Wrap one application into an Electron Desktop Application

What skills & experience do you need?

• Leadership: you must have great communication skills, build trust, interact with everyone respectfully, empathize. • TypeScript: you must have a strong knowledge here, using proper typing everywhere. Functional Programming knowledge would be appreciated. • Frameworks: Vue (we want to deprecate what we have right now), and React • React (always with the latest updates, hooks, concurrent mode etc.) • Work with JWT tokens: we’re using Auth0 as identity provider and across different channels • OpenAPI (from our backends), GraphQL knowledge • SSE/Websockets: we are a data streaming company, we'll stream data in real-time to the front-ends


• Netlify: our front-ends are deployed via Netlify • GitHub CI/CD scripts: the heart of our CI/CD • Apache Kafka. We are building a platform on top of Apache Kafka, it's our core domain. If you want to learn about it, you are at the right spot! • Experienced in working remotely (be autonomous in your work and don’t be scared to ask) with very good communication skills.


• This is a long-term engagement job. • An agile working environment with short decision paths • A very experimented backend team • Slack, Google Meet, Notion, Linear etc. • Flexible working hours and full remote working • Choose the devices and tools that make you work the best • Participation in Employee Stock Option plan

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