Ruby on Rails Developer

  • Anywhere (100% Remote) Only
  • Wordable, LLC
Job Description:

Wordable helps marketers publish more content, faster.

We’re out to kill the soul-sucking task of uploading, formatting, and properly optimizing content inside a CMS (in bulk and at scale). This frees up hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars each month for large content teams at the savviest brands on the interwebs.

We know this, because we’ve experienced it first-hand for the better part of a decade and help companies like BigCommerce, ahrefs, and more solve it on a daily basis.

We’re a fully remote company, with team members + customers spread out on almost every time zone. So you can work where you want, when you want, as long as there’s a tiny overlap each week and the number of issues in GitHub continues to shrink. The fewer pointless meetings and stupid emails, the better.

Here's a sample list of projects you might work on in any given week:

Lead long-term direction & evolution of product

Helping prioritize major projects on our roadmap (ex. additional CMS integrations vs. writing input sources vs. more export automations vs. a Chrome Extension, etc.)

Enhance our WordPress plugin (or help contract WordPress developers) to add better error handling, new features, or improve the user experience

Troubleshoot root causes of customer issues or errors to systematically refactor & fix

Enhance our current in-app error messaging system

Working with product and design leads to modifying the user experience based on customer feedback

What skills are we looking for?

An extensive Ruby on Rails background. (4+ years of full-time experience)

Experience developing WordPress plugins and solid overall WordPress knowledge.

Experience working with Google APIs.

Writing tests in RSpec

Mid-level JavaScript and CSS skills. This is more of a backend job, but at least some frontend skills are desired.

What you’ll get (why work with us):

A blank slate. We have a good V1 up and running, and have tons of new areas to move into, but we need your help prioritizing them, making them happen, and then building out the team

Long-term timeline. We’re 100% bootstrapped, backed by profitable companies already in the same space. So we don’t need to sell within X years, or make Y investors happy

Zero micromanagement & tons of autonomy. We want to work with good people who’re good at what they do. That makes collaboration easy. But we also know when to leave them the hell alone

Informal, friendly culture. Small enough that we’ll talk directly and easily and make fast decisions and produce a lot. But large enough that you’re also not having to focus on customer success or SEO or all the other “stuff'' that’s required (unless you want to be involved)

Flexible, remote work environment. Yes, we’ll probably need to talk at some point throughout the week. But no, you don’t need to be on Slack or Zoom all day, either

Flexible vacation policy. Take days or weeks off, when you want, with just a little heads up and prep beforehand

Home office & equipment budget, + coworking if you prefer

In-person meetups after COVID

100% employer-paid medical, dental, and vision benefits for US-based peeps. Reimbursements for international people.

Starting salary range: $160,000-$200,000 depending on experience & ability.

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