Senior React Native Engineer

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Job Description:

The Role

We’re looking for a sharp, self-motivated, problem-solving Senior React Native Engineer to join our Client Engineering team.

What’s a Client Engineer, you ask? That’s what we call a software engineer who works on our mobile and web apps. (“Front-end” doesn’t really capture everything involved. Feel free to use the term, we’re trying to make it a thing.)

As a Senior React Native Engineer, you’ll work alongside other engineers, designers, and product managers to tackle everything from huge company initiatives to modest but important bug fixes, from start to finish. You’ll also collaborate with your product team on discovery, helping to assess the direction and feasibility of product changes. And, perhaps most importantly, you’ll actively contribute to the evolution of the culture and processes of a growing engineering team.

What We Ask Of You


These are our non-negotiables:

Show up: give us your best and have the courage to do difficult but necessary stuff.

Grow up: take responsibility, learn continuously, and have a growth mindset.

Do good: treat your co-workers and customers the way you want to be treated.

Strong experience with and knowledge of React and React Native.

Experience working as a professional software engineer. (Sorry, we're not hiring new devs at this time.)

Reside permanently and currently somewhere in the U.S. Alas, we're not set up to hire outside of the U.S.

This position can be U.S. Remote or in our Lincoln office. At least one year of remote experience is required if you plan on working remotely. We are not accepting applicants outside the U.S. at this time.


Day to day, you’ll spend 90%+ of your time working in React and React Native, but, of course, that’s not all you’ll work with. While experience with the following technologies are not required (we’re cool with some on-the-job learning), you will see them with varying levels of frequency:

GraphQL & REST (often)

Apollo & Redux (often)

Android Studio & Xcode (mainly to run the mobile app)

Java & Objective-C (approaching rarely, but we do have some native modules)

Ruby on Rails (just a touch)

Working At CompanyCam

Our Product and Engineering departments do things a little differently.

We use Basecamp’s Shape Up method (fused with empowered product teams a la Marty Cagan's Inspired) to organize and execute our work. That means you’ll work in a close-knit team consisting of a product manager, a product designer, and other engineers on an area of the product in 6-week cycles. During cycles you'll spend most of your time implementing product improvements, but you'll also work with your team shaping (generating and vetting) product improvements for next cycle. After each cycle you’ll get a 1-2 week cool-down where you’ll pursue educational opportunities, work on pet projects, or smash some bugs that have been nagging at you. Rinse and repeat until code nirvana.

Sounds nice, right? No sprinting, no scrumming, no death by 1,000 meetings. We protect our engineers' time, treat them like adults, and trust them to get their work done. We’re also big on not overworking people. Put in your eight hours of focused, quality work and then TURN. SLACK. OFF. No nights and weekends.

We cover the important stuff too. We pay well, offer unlimited vacation, meaningful equity, health insurance, and other benefits. If you're local or down to move, we’re custom remodeling a new office space in the Lincoln Haymarket area that you’ll love. If you're remote (most of the engineering team is), we’re well set up with great conference room video equipment so you'll feel like you’re there with us, and once life is back to normal we’ll fly you in a few times a year to hang out.

Our larger company culture is also refreshingly chill. We have fun, learn from each other, and don’t take ourselves too seriously.

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