Senior React Native Developer (Mobile Dev)

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  • Boon
Job Description:


We're looking to hire a dedicated mobile app developer to head the development of a brand new app. Ideally we'd like the app to be in React Native, as we can then use the existing React experience of the team.

What will I be doing

You'll be building a new app from scratch and will be responsible for heading the continued development of said app. We try to keep knowledge silos from forming, and thus all team members must become multi-diciplinary.

The team

Boon consists of a 13 person strong team. With people in Denmark, Sweden and UK we are Remote First. The Product team consist of 2 Software Engineers, 1 Designer and 2 Product Owners

We believe that a good software engineer is one who has the freedom to explore good solutions and has a team that lets the best argument win. We aim for having autonomous teams that co-own the platform and its technical evolution.


Based in EU timezone (UTC to UTC+4) English working proficiency with strong communication skills 3+ years of experience with building client-side applications Deep understanding of React Native and its core principles Have high proficiency in JavaScript or TypeScript Be an effective engineer and problem solver


You’ll join the most likeable team in CPH! People you would want to spend precious time with - across the various functions and departments. You'll be inspired and play ball with the best Remote working + whatever flexibility is needed The ability to build a product of tomorrow Become part of a movement towards empowering creators to make a living of their passion Become part of an incredible journey in a fast growing and fast paced company where you ambitions rimes with unlimited career opportunities

About Boon

Boon is on a mission to empower creators to turn their passions into their livelihood.

On Boon, we’re creating a place where individuality and creativity is celebrated. Where unique knowledge and skills can be surfaced to people all over the world. Where creators are fueling a new model of human-powered commerce.

We started off in Denmark in 2019. Fast forward a year and a half later and we are successfully launched in the Nordics and the UK and now have our sights set on the global market. We're currently a team of 20 and are growing quickly. We would love for you to join the wild ride that is Boon - who knows where it will take you.

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