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Job Description:

Our Technology:

Being a new team without the constraints of large legacy codebases has enabled us to make modern technology choices. All our apps are built with declarative UI (Jetpack Compose& SwiftUI), all our APIs are built in GraphQL, and we use a modern selection of libraries and software development techniques. We have projects in pure Android/Kotlin, others in pure iOS/Swift and we also use Kotlin Multiplatform in larger projects to share code between native codebases. New to Kotlin Multiplatform? This tech enables both iOS and Android developers to contribute to shared business logic written in Kotlin which compiles to native libraries for respective platforms (Java libraries in Android & frameworks/cocopods/spm packages in iOS). We encourage all developers to get involved in writing shared code, learn about other platforms, and contribute where they feel comfortable. This tech allows us to work as a unified mobile team, as opposed to having an iOS/Android divide, which we’ve found to be really exciting, opening up new opportunities to learn and collaborate.

About you:

You’ll be someone who thrives on uncertainty and loves to make an impact. You’ll be passionate about what you do and that shows through your enthusiasm and communication. Your values will align with that of the company’s, you’ll care about sustainability and creating a better future for our planet. You’ll enjoy contributing across the whole development process including design, product management and stay on top of upcoming technologies that could benefit the business. We’re hiring for a number of seniority levels, so if the following doesn’t apply to your skillset please don’t be put off, we’d love to hear from you.


  • Shipped at least one app to the App store
  • Proficient with Kotlin and have experimented with other programming languages
  • Are keen to dig into new technologies like Jetpack Compose and GraphQL
  • Can discuss vision and features within a team and propose creative solutions
  • Are passionate about app architecture and can talk about the benefits and drawbacks of various patterns (MVC, MVVM, Redux)
  • Knowledge of reactive libraries, offline storage, API integration, and testing Understanding of Material Design and interface guidelines
  • Familiarity with source control best practices and continuous integration Are excited to explore cross platform code sharing solutions (whilst keeping the UI 100% native)
  • Some knowledge of Swift and/or iOS Development is a plus
  • Passionate about great app design and user experience

Company Benefits

  • Wondering what the salary for our roles?Just ask us! On a call with one of our recruiters it's something we always cover as we genuinely want to match your experience with the correct salary. The reason why we don't advertise is because we honestly have a degree of flexibility and would never want salary to be a reason why someone doesn't apply to Octopus - what's more important to us is finding the right octofit!
  • Octopus Energy is a unique culture. An organisation where people learn, decide, and build quicker. Where people work with autonomy, alongside a wide range of amazing co-owners, on projects that break new ground. We want your hard work to be rewarded with perks you actually care about!
  • View all our perks [What do you get? Click here]

Interview Process

  • 30 minute chat with the hiring manager
  • Technical assessment
  • 1 hour chat to talk through technical assessment

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