Full Stack Software Engineer

  • Anywhere (100% Remote) Only
  • Guerilla Realty
Job Description:

Why this job is important

Our software engineer brings cool ideas to life. We are constantly researching and testing marketing ideas to help REALTORS grow their business. You turn the best ideas into tools like these:Our collection of 8 software apps generated $10 million in revenue growth for our subscribers over the last 12 months. That is personal income to support their families, get out of debt, travel the world, save for retirement, or invest in other businesses. This job matters.

What you'll learn

You’ll learn the real estate business inside and out. You’ll learn how to attract new users with some of the coolest, most forward-thinking marketing ideas in the world. And you’ll learn how to measure product-market fit, so that you can create a step-by-step plan for building a truly world class product.

Who you'll work with

You’ll work alongside a group of dedicated, talented, and fun people. We’re here for you when you need us. But most of the time, you get to work on your own.

We hate endless real time chat. We believe people do their best work when they can focus. For that reason, we communicate asynchronously (once or twice daily). The rest of the time, you’re left in peace to just do great work.

Where you'll do it

Anywhere! Guerilla Realty is based in North Carolina, but our team works 100% remotely. Currently our team stretches across 5 states. Daily communication happens in Slack, and sometimes email. We do Zoom meetings as needed. Finally, you will attend an in-person all staff retreat twice per year (we pay for travel).

What Guerilla Realty does

We create tools and training to rapidly grow our users’ real estate businesses. (Read more about us here -> http://bit.ly/2Wd1Pe0)

Why we do it

We do it to help 500 REALTORS per year grow fulfilling, sustainable six-figure real estate businesses. The real estate business is tough. We are here to help our users overcome and win.

Required Proficiencies

• Experience with JavaScript, HTML & CSS.

• Our existing tech stacks use a mix of React, Next.js, Tailwind, Docker, Serverless Node.js, MongoDB, & Postgres. Our legacy system's tech stack is PHP, MySQL, Linux and Wordpress. As lead dev, you'll be able to pick the stack for new projects.

• Strong creative and analytical thinking skills.

• Responsive and flexible to incoming requests.

• Personable, comfortable and effective communicating with both business and technical personnel.

• Comfortable working in a partially or fully distributed team with limited direction.

• Goal-oriented, self-driven, with strong internal motivation.

• Capable and devoted to creating solid documentation of work.

• Familiarity with Git and version control best practices.

• Bonus

• Familiarity with the Vercel platform & serverless / JAM-stack type applications.

• An interest in, or experience with, the Real Estate industry.

• An eye for, or interest in, design and UI/UX.

• Good knowledge of the tech ecosystem and available APIs, development tools, and modern best practices.

• Good understanding of DNS & deployment of modern web apps.

• Experience

• Minimum four years experience in a similar position.


• Work from anywhere (we're 100% remote)

• Twice annual off-site team retreats

• Competitive salary ($70K - $95K)

• Project-Based Bonuses

• Profit Sharing

• Unlimited vacation (mandated 2 weeks/yr)

• Unlimited education allowance

• Unlimited equipment allowance

• $100/mo. reimbursable personal / marriage counseling

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