Job Description:

From our technology to our team members, Neo4j is built on relationships.

As part of Neo4j product engineering, you will work together with a diverse team of talented colleagues from around the world. Our culture encourages engineers who want to become deep experts in a particular field – or to build broad expertise across several technologies. Our engineers regularly work with peers in field engineering and experience the full lifecycle of the systems they build.

We build technology that helps cure cancers, addresses diabetes, and gets humans to Mars. We're proud to fight fraud, crush pandemics, and even help journalists uncover the truth. Neo4j’s engineering teams are located in Malmö, Sweden and London, UK.

Please submit your CV and cover letter in English.

Our Team

We have recently released Neo4j Aura, a new database-as-a-service product offering the power of Neo4j as a convenient fully-managed service. We are hiring for the team that develops and maintains the console application that allows our customers to manage their databases.

We are looking for full-stack engineers who are fluent in front-end technologies, but who are also confident to work on the server-side part of the stack. Relevant server-side experience includes design and development of HTTP APIs, implementation of data persistence logic and integration with third party services.

Your Role'

This role will see you build key pieces of technology infrastructure that will be used by thousands of users all around the world. The experience of developing these applications is quite different from developing a typical website or e-commerce application. You'll be creating technical infrastructure that must scale and adapt to the diverse needs of all users. If you're interested in going to a deeper level of technical detail, this could be the role to gain that knowledge, and to explore new and challenging technologies beyond what you'll find in a typical end-user application.

Production experience with several of the technologies we use is desirable but not essential. You should have strong Javascript/Typescript skills. Our services layer is Python - based, so you should know Python well, or be interested in picking it up.

Our engineers work in both our Malmö and London offices and most teams are split across the two, so you must be comfortable working as part of a distributed team. We use extensive automated testing, so proficiency with a range of approaches from unit-testing up to full-stack integration testing will be helpful.

Hear about what it is like to work at Neo4j in Aura from Johannes!

The technologies we use most are:

  • JavaScript and React in the Browser
  • Python, Docker and Kubernetes on the server
  • GCP, AWS and Azure



Neo4j Values:

Our work in Neo4j Engineering is guided by our company values:

(we)-[:VALUE]->(relationships) (we)-[:FOCUS_ON]->(:UserSuccess) (we)-[:THRIVE_IN]->(:Culture {type: [‘Open’, ‘Inclusive’}) (we)-[:ASSUME]->(:Intent {direction:’Positive’}) (we)-[:WELCOME]->(:Discussions {nature: ‘IntellectuallyHonest’}) (we)-[:DELIVER_ON]->(ourCommitments)

Why Join Neo4j?

Neo4j is one of the 20 most popular databases in the world, and the leader in the rapidly emerging Graph Database category. We’re building the technology that enables connected data to solve the world’s most pressing problems. You’ll work on unique engineering projects that challenge what’s possible.

We have customers in every industry across the globe, and our products a proven product/market fit. Joining our team is an opportunity to shape the future of data and analytics.

We pride ourselves on being a welcoming team. Most of us would agree that one of the best parts of working at Neo4j is the people we get to work with.

We encourage you to apply even if you don’t 100% fit the qualifications above. Why? Because we are committed to building an environment that fosters belonging, which means valuing intellectually honest discussions and being receptive to new ideas and perspectives.

One of our central objectives is to provide an inclusive, diverse, and equitable workplace for everyone to develop their potential and have a positive, career-defining experience.

About Neo4j:

Neo4j is the leader in graph database technology. As the world’s most widely deployed graph database, we help organizations – including NASA, UBS and Volvo Cars – to reveal and predict how people, processes and systems interrelate. Using this relationships-first approach, applications built using Neo4j tackle connected data challenges such as analytics and artificial intelligence, fraud detection, real-time recommendations and knowledge graphs.

Neo4j is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. Please read the privacy notice regarding Neo4j's recruitment process to understand how we will handle the personal data that you provide. More information at

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