Intermediate Software Engineer at Entelect

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Job Description:

Engineering track

Developing sophisticated software to better the world. The software engineer's role is to engineer the delivery of working software that meets our client's needs.

Sounds fancy, right? As a Software Engineer at Entelect you are responsible for more than just writing code. You will find that the process, environment, tooling and even maturity of the client’s software knowledge varies across the teams, so the Software Engineer’s job would vary too, depending on the situation. Being adaptable as a Software Engineer is very important. You will find that as you transition through different projects, teams, domains and clients, you will always be learning - and that’s part of what makes working at Entelect cool.

About the role

If you are at this point in your career, it means that you have experience, you are working fairly independently and are probably becoming everyone's ‘go-to guy’. As an Intermediate you are expected to be skilled enough that you can assist other Software Engineers. You have a good sense of things like coding principles, stakeholder engagement and you are a damn good trouble-shooter because you understand how systems fit together, and when and who to ask for help. At this point in your career, you should also be able to architect basic components of a system.

Company Benefits

Our UK business is just getting started, so you'll have an opportunity to shape our identity as we grow. We have big ambitions and the support from our hugely successful South African business. Our UK package includes:

  • Hybrid work arrangement
  • Pension scheme with company contribution
  • Life assurance and income protection
  • Generous leave allowance

Furthermore, you get to experience Entelect culture and all it has to offer:

  • Professional and personal growth Training, mentorship and exposure to lots of different opportunities to experiment and learn.
  • Project variety With a variety of projects using an array of technologies across various business domains, you can find work that suits you.
  • Team-based projects All our projects are team-based, so you're always with other experienced people who will show you best practices and involve you in finding new and innovative ways to do things.
  • Work with like-minded people Fellowship is forged with people who care about you, their craft and the hobbies you share.
  • Tech company run by tech people We’re an ambitious, growing organisation without the usual nonsense and politics.
  • Autonomy and identity We function as a tribe of tribes, so there’s plenty of autonomy and scope to create a different identity for each project and team.
  • Global reach We’ve grown into 3 continents and we’re always looking for awesome devs, analysts, UX gurus, data engineers and scientists, architects, leaders, and more.

Interview Process

  • Coffee chat/call
  • Experience and technical interview
  • Offer!

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