Job Description:

You’ll need experience of modern PHP practices (via Laravel, Symfony etc), git workflows and real world testing experience (phpunit/dusk) but more importantly an easy going nature (no prima donnas/rockstars please) and self starter attitude – you will have a high degree of autonomy in your day to day work as well as development decisions – we don’t like to micro-manage.

OpenPlay is a B2B SaaS company focused on the sports and leisure industry. We are actively developing a new platform that aims to be a complete software solution for all aspects sport and leisure management.We want to hire an experienced PHP developer to join our remote team full time and help drive our new product forward, shaping requirements, designing system architecture and most importantly, committing great code.

We are looking for

Essential skills: PHP, MySQL, Laravel or Symfony experience, PHPUnit testing, basic JS and frontend, Git version control.

Nice to haves: Advanced JS, React, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Dusk tests, Agile Scrum

Deep technical knowledge – Modern PHP (7+) skills, good OOP practice, an ability to design and structure maintainable code in a way that goes beyond just MVC CRUD.

Great communication skills – We’re a remote team and it’s important we communicate well. You may find yourself interacting with clients and explaining technical issues to a non-technical audience.

Positive attitude – We’re a friendly and informal company, we expect everyone to be able to get along well, support each other and work with a positive attitude. No coding rockstars or prima donnas please.

Confidence & independence – We focus on results and don’t micromanage.

How we work

Whilst we have an office in London the bulk of the team works remotely, mostly from the UK with a few further afield. We work to UK time but are flexible to fit everyone’s lives. We follow Agile Scrum project management with Jira and have an experienced project manager and scrum master to facilitate this for us.

• Day to day chat and calls on Slack.

• Daily stand-ups with your immediate team.

• Sprint planning & retrospectives.

• Code review by other developers.

• Show and tell sprint demos.

What we offer

• A competitive salary reviewed annually.

• Remote working with some flexibility.

• Hardware of your choice (Macbook/Laptop).

• No prescription on tooling, use the development tools that suit you.

• Time to work on backend tasks, technical improvements and upgrades.

• Opportunities to explore new technologies that interest you.

• The ability to shape your role in a way that fits your skills and interests.

• A supportive and knowledgeable team to help hone your abilities and learn from others through code review and collaborative working.

A typical day at OpenPlay

• Creating powerful and configurable backends that make our new product more flexible and scalable.

• Designing and coding the API endpoints that power our frontend apps.

• Working on modelling and schema design for new system areas.

• Refactoring existing functionality to drive up code quality and unlock future functionality.

• Meeting with the team to plan ahead for future work, discussing and refining requirements and debating the best technical approach.

• Supporting other developers when they are stuck or reviewing their code.

• Working with our QA team to facilitate testing and ensure quality results.

Our tech stack

– Laravel 8 with MySQL database for our main application, with customer facing React frontends and a blade powered admin panel.

– Docker local development environment and Kubernetes in production running on AWS (EKS, RDS, Elasticache, S3).

– A react native mobile app and other side projects including hardware integrations for point-of-sale machines, entry turnstiles, facial recognition and more.

– Github with a Circle CI pipeline for testing and deployment.

– Multiple staging and QA environments for testing.

How to apply

Please include your location, availability and salary expectations with your CV.

Finally, although the product is sports focused, only around 20% of the team could actually explain the offside rule to you, so please don’t let that put you off : )

email to apply

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